Founded in August, 2010,  Unplugged Mom Radio© ran both live and prerecorded shows weekly through August of 2012.

Host Laurette Lynn offered insight and commentary on topics that challenged mainstream, status quo thinking and offered alternative solutions for living a liberated life.  The shows focus was centered around education.  Laurette discussed the various unhealthy issues with modern compulsory education and encouraged parents to “unplug” from conventional schooling to enjoy home-based, independent education.  Through provocative discussion and educational interviews with a variety of high-profile guests, UMRadio offered advice, support and resources for every family looking to embrace a school-free life.

In addition, Laurette hosted many episodes on other topics that supported “unplugging” from what she refereed to as the “artificial process” of life.  Discussions encouraged parents to try natural alternatives for health, well-being and other parenting and family practices.

Guests of the Unplugged Mom Radio show included home education advocates and authors: John Taylor Gatto, Linda Dobson, Wendy Prietsnitz, Laurie A. Couture, Pat Farenga, Sandra Dodd and more.   Spokespersons and authors on health and wellness were also frequently featured and folks such as: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, author of Gut and Psychology Dr. Natasha Campbell, Dr. Suzanne Humprhies, Dr. Susan Markel and many more.   Philosophical speakers and other popular talk-show hosts including Brett Vionette, Jarret Sanchez, Gene Odening and Stefan Molyeneux often joined UMRadio for interviews and discussion.

All of the shows from UMRadio’s two year series are available here to listen, download and share.  You can also find a variety of blog posts and useful information by browsing through the blog section.

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Laurette Lynn is currently working with former UMRadio producer, Desiree and other members of the UMRadio team to create a new web-talk radio show focused on celebrating modern home-making, parenting and liberated family living.  Stay updated by visiting

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