Education Reform IS the best gift Government Education could ask for.


A few days ago I wrote a post titled, “It’s called our American way of life and is a racket!”.  I used the example of our wonderful College Readiness programs and the scheme of College Loans to highlight my point.  What was the point?  the Education industrial complex is not,  never has been, and never will be about the children.   It’s about creating workers, making a few billionaire bankers richer in the process and keeping the consumer machine functioning properly.  If you don’t know this by now, go to the library and pick up any book by John Taylor Gatto, if that’s too much just google him or better yet just click here and listen to his interview on Unplugged Mom Radio and accept this reality already.  You should also read Laurette Lynn’s in depth analysis on this exact point titled, Education Transformation.

Well, my post was barely scraping the surface of this machine called The American Education system.  Why do I say that?  Because there are just layers upon layers of flawed, immoral, dysfunctional and plain old stupid thinking that keep this machine alive and make it possible to exist.  Integral to that fact are the usual suspects.

Let’s talk about this Education Reform Scheme.  Yes, it’s a scheme.    Let me explain, we all hear the calls for Education Reform, correct?  We see the movies that tell you Teachers are the problems and charter schools are the saviors; we also see the movies that tell you competitive culture and standardize testing are the problem and they encourage us to talk about this apparently new found revelation and well to, yes… talk about it some more.    So the parents “talk about testing” while the Testing and Texbook companies lobby and work alongside legislators to write Standardized Testing into Law.  We also see the President give speeches telling us we need a new generation of teachers and push his new testing scheme, so aptly named, Race to The Top. It’s definitely a race, I just wish I knew what it was towards.   We also hear from the Teachers who demand more support, Union protection, smaller classes, etc… oh yeah, and they make their movies too  by the way.   Well, where exactly does this get us?  Where does this web of “discussion” exactly get us?  What purpose does it serve?  and most importantly *who* does it benefit?  Where do all the roads lead to exactly?

The following statement was written in a Op-Ed piece in the New York Times by Diane Ravitch, hero to the Teacher’s movement and Unions, and considered one of the biggest advocates for Education Reform,

“Families are children’s most important educators. Our society must invest in parental education, prenatal care and preschool. Of course, schools must improve; every one should have a stable, experienced staff, adequate resources and a balanced curriculum including the arts, foreign languages, history and science.

If every child arrived in school well-nourished, healthy and ready to learn, from a family with a stable home and a steady income, many of our educational problems would be solved. And that would be a miracle.”   Diane Ravitch

Yes, this is the face of Education Reform from the Educator’s perspective.  I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  I am not even kidding.  I truly don’t know if I am in the twilight zone right now, or if everyone is high except for me or perhaps there truly is something in the air and boy are we reaping the results.

Just what  does this mean?– “Our society must invest in parental education, prenatal care and preschool.”   So you want more money and you want the kids and parents in the system much earlier.  I see… how about this Ms. Ravitch, how about we just physically hand our kids over to you from birth?  Let’s quit pretending these our are children.   I don’t have a womb, the state has a womb.  These are the state’s children, period, end of story.  I am just my child’s mother and just what the hell do I know?  Enlighten me Ms. Ravitch. With your vast experience in the home of every American and knowing every child;  please, I need you to tell me what my child needs.  I am just too stupid to know.  Oh wait, is it only those who make below a certain income that are too stupid to know and need to be managed by the state?   So the problem is poor people, correct?  Oh and another question, at what exact income level does the relationship between parent and child end for you, and the child and state begins?

I haven’t even touched the other even sadder and more absurd assertion and “Solution” that Ms. Ravitch is proposing, “If every child arrived in school well-nourished, healthy and ready to learn, from a family with a stable home and a steady income, many of our educational problems would be solved.” Has the leader of the teachers’s movement just gone on record as not having even the most elementary understanding of children and learning?  So if I understand this correctly, The government blames poor teachers and teachers blame poor people ( they won’t call it that of course, they will just say poverty is the problem )  Brilliant.  Absolutely brilliant.

So the teachers want a bigger  and more invasive schooling system that begins much earlier.  Ideally as soon as the child comes out of the womb and while the brain is still forming.  The drugging  industry is busy coming up with new acronyms so they can diagnose and hook  those little brains with something new, and the college loan industry is pushing their indentured program more effectively and in cahoots with these same educators.

Oh yeah, this is Reform alright.

The answer to my question, “Where does Education Reform and all the discussion about Education Reform lead us?”  With a bigger, more sinister and more out of control monster than the one we started with.  Congratulations America.  Government Schooling is indeed a spectacular success and we have Education Reform to prove it.


by Desiree Alonso


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