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Science was always my worry area. I didn’t enjoy it in school and feared having to take the responsibility of ensuring that my VERY science minded daughter was going to get all that she wanted out of our science education at home. I bought all sorts of kits and checked out every project book I could find at the library until I came across Janice VanCleave. If you have never heard of  her, then you have never read some of the most concisely written science experiment books I have ever encountered and you and your kids are truly missing out!

Although I have enjoyed each of her books that I have read The Science For Every Kid series is a favorite in our household. In this series she covers everything from Chemistry to Food and Nutrition to Geometry, cohesively covering topics so that the kids can clearly grasp the material. This series could easily be used as a spine to jump off from, as a full science curriculum or a supplement for labs and projects. For example in Food and Nutrition for Every Kid VanCleave has each chapter set up as follows:

  • What You Need to Know - here terms are explained and background information is given
  • Exercises – the learner is presented with questions to be answered or situations that need to be resolved utilizing the information they read in the previous section.
  • Activity – a project to allow the application of the skills in a real world situation.
  • Solutions to Exercises – she not only gives the answers but lays out step-by-step instructions for solving each exercise.

With over 50 best-selling science experiment books that span an audience from toddler to mature adolescents, this is one author you will want to remember. Not only have I never had a single failed experiment from her books, she gives explanations that make sense. Though we have come across a few materials that we had to do a bit of digging around for the majority of materials you will need can be found in your home or in a quick trip to the local grocery or hardware store, making it convenient on a rainy day or spur of the moment. I can’t say enough about these fabulous resources.


To see some more of our successful science experiments from Biology for Every Kid check out my blogposts – HERE and HERE.


You can learn more about Janice VanCleave as well as take a look through the plethora of tips, ideas and projects at her site – JVC’s Science Fair Projects.

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