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Several years ago I decided that public school was not going to be part of my family’s experience.  It became clear that this environment did not carry the potential to provide my kids with any real learning, any real world experience and would keep them out-of-touch with reality, intellectual stimulation and creative opportunity.   As the cliche goes – if you want something done right, do it yourself!  And so my decision was made.
Shortly thereafter, I found myself in a one on one conversation with my inner voice and it began with “Great.  Now what?”
I knew that I didn’t like the school model and my kids deserved more than that, and that my role as a parent didn’t end at the doorstep of math.  I understood that.  But what I didn’t know was how to move forward with that decision.

Not unlike many other new home ed parents, all I knew was the school model.  I didn’t like it, but that was my only frame of reference.   I didn’t want to replicate it at home, but I didn’t really know any other way.  So.. what do I do?
Well, life is good because when we seek so shall we find and just the act of me seeking allowed me to find this in the bookstore on Mothers Day, shortly after having made the concrete decision that I would not enroll my daughter into school the following September. (yes it was Mothers Day as a matter of fact).

The answer came in the following form:

I picked this up from the shelf, leafed through it and put it into my basket.   I began reading it over a cappuccino that afternoon and since then the book has stayed on my desk.  It now has a bent spine, lots of sticky notes protruding from it’s side and a flip through it will find dog-eared pages, different color highlighter marks and lots of notes in the margins on nearly every other page.
This was it folks.  This was the answer to that question “Now what?”

Linda Dobson, the author, has written several other books and I’ve read them.  They are all wonderful, insightful and offer very practical and real advice for real situations.   Ms. Dobson is non-compromising on her philosophy about learning, but her tone is never aggressive.   She is one of the top “guru’s” of the home education world and I was very honored to have had the recent opportunity to interview her for the Unplugged Mom Show!

When you hear the interview you will hear me tell Linda Dobson that this was personal for me and I felt it was a long time coming.  I meant it.    I enjoy and honor all of my guests and have the utmost respect for some of the wonderful folks that have participated in Unplugged Mom.  This goes without saying!  The thing with this interview however was that Ms. Dobsons words were among the very first that truly hit the nail on the head for me and solidified my decision in those first early days of pulling-the-plug.  So it was a meaningful interview for me to have had the opportunity to hear the passion in her voice as I’ve read the passion in her words.

If you have read Linda Dobsons work, you will appreciate hearing our discussion.  If not, you will appreciate the discussion and want to read her work!  :)

What’s more, in a anothert post I began a discussion about community/apprenticeship learning.   You will hear Lind and I discus this in this show as well – increasing the serendipity that drove me to finally promulgate my official proposal to entice support for community learning through ULEAP.   I know that Linda is among the home ed and life learning pilots that are on board with a mission to change the way we look at learning.

Listen right here for the exclusive interview with Author, Home Education Pioneer and advocate, Blogger and all around awesome lady – Linda Dobson!  Or download the podcast anytime!


To learn more about Linda Dobson please visit her website: Parent At The Helm

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