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In the Unplugged Mom arena, I’ve had the thrill and pleasure of speaking with some extraordinary folks and there’s more to come!  I enjoyed discussing freedom in learning with Dr. Peter Gray, the future of personal freedom with Adam Kokesh (whose proposed endorsement for my presidential candidacy tickles the youthful girl in me, thanks for that Adam ;) ) and Home education Author and Advocate, Steven Horwhich. I’d like to make a special mention to the Arman’s, Jessica and Justin regarding out discussion on Liberty Parenting.  It was such a true pleasure to meet Justin and Jessica and I look forward to working on many future endeavors together. They are doing some phenomenal work for the advancement of education, critical thinking and liberty and I encourage you to check out their website and our UMRadio interview.

UM has also released some provocative talks on Compliance, Permissive Freedom, Intoxicated Parenting, Virtual Bullying and more so find all the interviews and discussions here.

I’m looking forward to more conversations with Unschool Pioneer, Pat Faranga, Author and PhD in digital media and cyber-culture, Janet Sternberg, the “Brainy Bunch” Mom, Mona Lisa Harding, Home Ed and Civil Rights Activist, Antonio Beuhler, Homeschooling Pioneer, Unschooler extrodinaire and Lady of Liberty, Politico and Home Ed Mom, Jan Stover, Philosopher Stefan Molyenux, Unschool Bus Mom, Kelly Halderson,  Pioneer and Visionary for Critical Reason and Freedom, Michael Strong, NVC Purveyor Darrell Becker, School Sucks Founder Brett Vienott and more throughout Spring and Summer.

We are booked through mid-summer so it’s been busy, but I am absolutely and forever grateful for the loyal support and dedicated assistance of many great volunteers in the Unplugged team, including: Desiree the Producer, Agent, Gina Basteri the official reviewer and finder of great resources, Cesar Diaz for technical assistance and my own awesome kiddos for topic research, sound support and unrelenting encouragement and honest (sometimes brutally so) feedback!

As an aside, Unplugged Mom has just recently launched an exclusive YouTube channel as yet another way to listen to the Podcasts, so check that out and subscribe.

Lastly, but not least, I am glad to be joining John Bush of Rise Up Radio next week and happy to reconnect with James Corbett of the Corbett Report in a few weeks.  (Take a moment to congratulate James on the birth of his new baby : ) )  Stay subscribed as I will publish those with the other appearances right here.

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