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Nothing brings to life a topic like animation and a goofy robot! BrainPop is one of those resources that most kids will go to again and again, gaining much more information on each return visit. The site covers a wide range of more than 650 topics and is growing all the time! Science, Math, Technology, Music, Art, Social Studies and Health are all covered in a fun way designed to engage students ages 9 and up. For the younger crowd there is also BrainPop Jr. which is designed for K-3 and there is a BrainPop ESL version to help teach English to other language speakers.

This site can be used in a myriad of ways from using clips to introduce a topic, reviewing information before moving ahead, for reinforcement by using the many quizzes and activities that go along with each video and is the perfect tool for autodidactic and visual learners. One of the best features of this site is the rabbit hole effect that can lead kids in directions they may not have thought of on their own. After watching a video there are two or more suggested topics given to allow for a seamless transition from one topic to the next.

Users can start by searching for a particular topic or choosing a subject area.

Once a topic area is chosen a wide array of categories are presented.


From the specific topic page there is a video, activities, quizzes, related topics and more for the learner to expand in which ever direction they like.


Printable activities range from graphic organizers to vocabulary to word games and more.


The newest addition to the fun at BrainPop is the GameUp Area -

Games? In the classroom? Seriously?

Yes. For students, games are where it’s at. We are beyond excited to share our newest development: GameUp. We know that games  – good games, engage students, encourage creative, interactive problem solving, inspire inquiry, develop critical and systems thinking, all while providing ongoing feedback, so we’ve culled our favorite educational online games out there – so you don’t have to. Teaching a unit on Cells? Play Cell Command. Blood Types? Play Nobel Prize’s Blood Typing Game! Want your students to have a better grasp on how to engage with their communities and the government responsibly? Argument Wars is the game for you. From science to math to civics, we’ve got you covered. And we’ve got the tools for you to go beyond having your students play games – they can become game designers too!


We are VERY excited about this new feature.











There are a huge variety of free topics available and the selection is always rotating, but for optimal usage of the site the marginal fee is really reasonable. The subscription prices vary starting at $99 per year for a family/”homeschool” single user license, but can be adjusted for multi-user and multi-level families. See here for pricing options.



BrainPOP In a Nutshell

  • Engaging: Students with varied learning styles respond enthusiastically to BrainPOP’s compelling characters, clever   writing and unique voice.
  • Aligned With State Standards: Resources are searchable by current state standards, grade level or subject area.
  • Easy to Use: All content is accessible online. No downloading , maintenance or installation required.
  • Versatile: Works on PC or Mac, with projectors or interactive whiteboards. Can be used 1-to-1, in small groups or in whole-class settings.
  • Formative Assessment: Online or printable quizzes measure comprehension before or after a lesson.
  • Differentiated Learning: Diverse content and resources allow teachers to meet multiple students’ learning styles.Closed Captioning: Supports students with special needs and assists with reading practice and note-taking for all learners.
  • Award-Winning:  Among the many educational honors   BrainPOP has received are those from the Association for Library Service to Children, the Association of Educational Publishers, Forbes, District Administration, and


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