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One of the best sites out there to challenge your kids this summer with some fun educational Math games is It has so many engaging games to keep the kids interested. Parents can set challenges for kids to earn badges and open new levels. If at any time the child is having difficulty with a concept, they can easily access lessons to help them through.  The latest addition to this site is the Juku – a free “after-school” math club – where kids are challenged by their assigned teachers and play against students around the world! We have been using this site for some time now, but it just keeps getting better and my 13 year old has remained fully engaged by the program.


Fun Math Games only at is one of the world’s first games-based-learning sites, where students learn Mathematics via purpose-built casual games that balance fun and learning.

Games-Based Learning fuses computer games and academic subjects to provide a compelling and exciting supplement to traditional pedagogy. Many scientific studies have shown that students perform better with the help of Games-Based Learning.

The educational content within Mangahigh is based on the core standards and is delivered through its proprietary educational games. Each game covers certain learning topics and is designed to dynamically adapt in difficulty to the ability of the student in order to make the user experience engaging, entertaining and personal.

Here are the favorite games in our house -

Fun Math Games only at Mangahigh.comFun Math Games only at Mangahigh.comFun Math Games only at


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