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Meet the Masters is one of the most comprehensive and fun art history, theory, and technique programs available. This program allows you to become immersed in the world of a different artist each time through stories of their lives, pictures of their work and step by step instructions on how to reproduce the techniques used.

Here is a description of the program outline from their site –

Step 1: Introduction to Master Artists: This interactive session contains audio clips of the master artist’s themselves, period music, and fun review games with Pierre (our friendly French companion), all designed to capture the attention and imagination of home schooled children. For example: Students listen and choose which music piece best corresponds with Mondrian’s “Broadway Boogie Woogie”.

Step 2: Downloadable Art Technique Packets: Your students will learn to implement the art principles that correspond with the artist they have just been introduced to. For example: Vincent van Gogh loved to show texture in his paintings. In “Starry Night” he used exaggerated brush strokes and globs of paint to show texture and movement within the work. Where most of us think of texture as something we touch or feel with our hands, Van Gogh wanted us to SEE rather than FEEL texture.

Step 3: Create a Masterpiece Art Activity: Your students will use the techniques and styles of the Masters to create their very own masterpieces using our step-by-step instructions. Throughout the course of the year the children develop their own unique artist style and art portfolio! For Example: With chalk pastels like Cassatt used, students create portraits of women and children wearing various period hats.

The homeschool version is available at three levels which makes it a program for all ages and levels of learners in the family. Each level goes a bit deeper into technique and the history, but it can easily be adapted using one level for multi-age children both at home or in a co-op setting. It is also formatted so that even the most art history illiterate parent – LIKE MYSELF – could easily learn along with their kids being none the wiser!

The program includes worksheets and templates to help explain and master techiniques -

From the first lesson the learner is able to begin making incredible pieces of art using a multitude mediums -

Acrylics evoked by Monet

Watercolor, scaling and shading like O'Keefe

Paper sculpting motivated by Matisse

Kahlo inspired Oil Pastels


Home School Buyers Co-op Pricing on this product varies, depending on the levels and number of tracks that you order. To get a quote directly from the company you can check out this link - HERE. Often you can find deals of up to 50% off by going through and with 6 different bundles to choose from there will surely be one just right for your family!

For more commentary on and example of work we have completed using this program feel free to check out the posts on my blog - HERE

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