Professor Noggin’s Card Games – An Incredibly Fun Resource! – Official UM Review

Our family has been using these games for years and they are a fun, entertaining and exciting way to learn a number of subjects in numerous categories from Science to History to Art to Geography. These fun games can take your family to the far corners of Outer Space and deep into the Ocean. You can find a complete list of titles - HERE

Each game comes with 30 cards and 1 three numbered dice – meaning a six sided die that has 1, 2, & 3 on two sides each. Each card has 6 questions - 3 easy and 3 hard – which makes it fantastic to play with the whole family regardless of the amount of knowledge individuals may have in each area. Questions come in the form of true or false, multiple choice or trivia. You can find most of the titles at online sellers for under $10 each, so they are a really affordable purchase! I truly can not say enough about these fantastic product!






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avatar About the Author: Gina is a home educating mom since 2007, when her daughter was in 5th grade and could no longer deal with the ridiculous public school system. You can find out more about their journey on their blog – Home Learning Family Going Sane - .

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