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I recently discovered Planet Fassa.  This is a very unique and cool new interactive website for parents and children.  Don’t let the fact that it’s an ‘online’ source fool you!  Planet Fassa encourages real-world, outdoor activities and parent-child play.   I know many parents and children will dig it!   Read on for a detailed description from a Planet Fassa representative…

Planet Fassa is a new interactive website that gives kids the opportunity to read books, participate in activities, on-and-off line, and communicate with friends and family members through various activities.

In a world where children are spending more and more time in front of the computer or television, Planet Fassa encourages kids to get outside. We believe that kids need to remain active not only for their health, but also for their mind and spirit. Through a series of “Nuggets,” which are activities that vary from emptying out your cupboards to make Tupperware Towers to planting a seed and watching your plant grown, children are given different options and activities which encourage them to step away from the computer and interact with others. They are also tagged with reward-earning points that go into their virtual allowance, making them even more enticing for kids to complete.

Not only does Planet Fassa promote an active lifestyle for children, it also promotes the joy of reading. Through a series of books called “Fassa Tails,” children can go on adventures with their favorite Planet Fassa characters. Each story includes activities that inspire children to recreate situations outside that the characters faced in the stories. The books use descriptive words, simple art, and creative narration, inspiring children to use their imagination to visualize the story.

Planet Fassa is a very useful tool for parents. While parents are becoming busier and busier, taking the time to find fun activities for their kids is becoming a lot harder. Planet Fassa makes it easy for parents to find quick activities for their children to do to no matter what the situation.  With a quick Nugget search, parents can select parameters including their current location, number of people participating, goal for experience and more!

Parents are also able to log in and view their child’s activities as well as become a member of their children’s village. Even extended family and friends can become a part of your child’s village, making it easy for aunts, uncles and grandparents who live all over the world to remain a part of your child’s life. As one of only 50 companies to display TRUSTe’s Children’s Privacy Seal, parents can know that their children are having a safe online experience.

Many of the “Fassa Tails” storylines are centered on life lessons, teaching kids to respect others and the planet they live on.  By using new technology, Planet Fassa hopes to bring back old-fashion play!

F-A-S-S-A stands for Fun, Activities, Stories, Service, Awards

For more information contact:
Monique Jones
[email protected]

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