Owl Creek Gazette

The Owl Creek Gazette serves the self-reliant community in print and online with a nod to the independent, out-of-the-box, off-the-grid, voluntaryist and kitchy nature in each of us.

Jan Stover, home education advocate, and Mom is my friend and the founder of the Owl Creek Gazette.   I’ve known Jan for several years now and we’ve enjoyed many a good conversation and adventures in social activism and spreading the message of liberty, the love of mothering and the joys of living naturally and independently

I am proud to have a featured place in the recent and upcoming issues of Owl Creek Gazette and invite you to check out the site, sign up for the newsletter and… if you are in the vicinity, even stop by the live store.  The latest issue can be found by clicking here.

In this issue you will find yours truly, the profile of Unplugged Mom, and much more useful and interesting features on living, laughing, love and liberty!

Visit  the Owl Creek Gazette to learn more about Jan’s journey and her work in education, mothering and embracing the American dream!


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