Adam Kokesh Endorses Laurette Lynn for President!


No, not really.  I’m not running for office of any kind,  but I did have the pleasure of joining Adam once again as he agreed to grace our unique Unplugged audience with his views on the modern American sociopolitical climate, his thoughts on the future of State and mankind and his hopeful outlook for positive change.   I find Adam to be intelligent, well spoken, passionate and Liberty driven and I know you will as well.  I’m also just personally thrilled every time we chat and it was pretty dang cool to know he’d endorse me if I ever did run for office,  so that’s a bonus : – )

Listen up and Enjoy!

Learn more about Adam Kokesh and his dedicated work in freedom activism by visiting 

Watch my interview with Adam, on my site by clicking here


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Special Thanks to Cesar Diaz for audio assistance

Music provided by:
Band: Single Bullet Theory (with drummr Justin Arman)
Record: The Arena (In Stores Summer 2013)

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