Parenting Under The Influence – Episode 1


Welcome to the NEW Unplugged Mom Radio.   Wondering why the delay? Why the return? Just what on earth is going on with this show?  Witness the whole decision process on my blog, if you’re interested in the how’s and why’s.   Otherwise, welcome us back to the mic, press play and enjoy the discussion! ~LL

Discussion Topics:

Mommy Meds- Why do so many parents find the role so difficult that they need pharmaceuticals to cope?
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Why We Need Public School – So kids can meet black people, according to the blog of Diane Ravitch.
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Back Yard Politics – A microcosmic observation of the rise  of governance.

Questions and Comments are always welcomed to the discussion.


Thanks to Cesar Diaz for audio assistance.
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  1. avatar Gina Basteri says:

    SOOOOO Glad the podcasts are back!!!
    As always you are right on the money and this was a great topic to start back on!
    Thanks for all you do!