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In honor of Mothers, It was a pleasure to chat with three extraordinary women who truly capture the eclectic diversity, wisdom, charm and grace in Motherhood.   We talked about the Mothering aspect of the home education experience and some of the decisions and challenges we independent and non-compulsory Moms have experienced.  These great ladies offered a stunning bouquet of varied responses to some deep questions; beautifully illustrating richness in variety and punctuating the need for personal flexibility.  At the same time, it was such a touching experience in the unspoken bond that threads us together as Moms because our common objective is to provide our children with the best individual experience that we can allowing them to thrive in a family-centered environment that naturally weaves learning into life itself.   I was humbled in their presence and am thankful to them for sharing their insights and time with us.

Cheers to all my fellow Unplugged Moms, here’s to us!  Happy Mothers Day!

Meet the Moms in this episode:

lisa4books_smallLisa Cottrell-Bntley
lives and learns while writing in southern Arizona with her husband Greg, two happy always homeschooled daughters Zoë and Teagan, and three cats.
Her desire is for all people to live their own personal dreams, now and for always.   A bright, cheerful and intelligent spirit, Lisa is a wonderfully positive representation of what life learning is and can be for others.
Lisa is also the author/publisher of a series of Home Ed friendly books called Wright On Time and a resourceful website for independent learners.
Learn more by visiting Lisa at Do Life Right.




Linda Dobson
Is a long time home education advocate and my personal inadvertent mentor as her books were instrumental in my decision to embrace a new concept in learning without school intervention.  All around beautiful soul, Linda is dedicated to further freedom for children by providing useful support to parents everywhere.  Having authored dozens of books, essays, articles and more, Linda has been providing information and support to homeschool families for over 20 years and continue to do so.
Learn more about Linda and explore the valuable resources she offers by visiting her at Parent At The Helm.



JanJan Stover

Is a free-thinking, radical, responsible and independent Mother extraordinaire!  I am very happy to have had the pleasure of befriending Jan several years ago in a libertarian Mothers forum where we hit it off immediately and have worked together on several freedom endeavors since!  Also a Veteran home educator, Jan brings her experience, wisdom and uniquely out-of-the box perspective to the discussion for liberty loving families.  Jan is the co-founder of Owl Creek Gazette cyber journal and co-host of  Owl Creek Podcast, “Creek Side”  which is   dedicated to serving the Self-Reliant Living Community.   Learn more by visiting Jan via Owl Creek Gazette.



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Music for this episode:
Shadows” By Lindsey Stirling

Special Thanks to JRsoe for audio assistance

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Band: Single Bullet Theory (with drummer Justin Arman)
Record: The Arena (In Stores Summer 2013)

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