Man Versus Machine: A Media Ecology Discussion


Is humanity struggling to compete with cyber-reality?  Are modern children held captive by media?

In this lengthy and extremely useful discussion, I had the unique opportunity to speak with one rare  and brillant intellectual who has dedicated a research career to examining media phenomenon and it’s impact on human culture.

janetphd_1345266921_8Media Ecologist, Janet Sternberg PhD, Author of Misbehavior in Cyber Places, researcher and professor joined me to talk about the role of cyber media in our society and our psychological response to the growth of digital innovation.  Having worked closely with the former Neil Postman, (Author of Amusing Ourselves to Death) as his research assistant, Ms. Sternberg has had many years of experience studying and observing the evolution of all variations of media and the ways in which various mediums of entertainment and information can be, have been and still are used to manipulate and influence entire societies.

Janet’s perspective is not from an entirely negative standpoint, nor is she a cheerleader for the use of media technology.  She is merely a well-learned observer, calling it as she sees it and her main point is that media stimulation and digital/cyber technology is neither good or bad; rather it is AND and BOTH.

In this extraordinary and unprecedented Unplugged Mom interview, Janet Sternberg explains her reasoning, her work and her many years of observations to punctuate this unbiased and poignant perspective.

Join us and Listen up!

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