Naked Freedom: Boobies, Fakers, Posers and Rebels

A description simply doesn’t do it justice.  Here is a taste of what is discussed, pondered and provocatively punctuated in this episode:
Wearing Freedom as Fashion Statement
Angelina’s cowardly Boobies
Freedom without brains
Teenage Rebellion
Freedom, Testicles and Vaginas
How to argue
Walk the Talk
Raising children in Freedom
Facebook Fakers
Thank YOU!
Listen Up….
*Please note that we are aware that there are sound issues with the last few episodes.  We are working on a resolution, should arrive at one soon, and appreciate your donations as they do help us to improve the overall quality of the show by purchasing better equipment.  Thanks!

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Music provided by:
Band: Single Bullet Theory (with drummer Justin Arman)
Record: The Arena (In Stores Summer 2013)

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