Parents for Liberty: Interview with the Armans


Justin and Jessica Arman, founders of Parents For Liberty ( join Laurette Lynn to introduce their organization and talk about parenting with liberty!
Parents For Liberty is a community of individuals and families who are committed to fully immersing themselves and their families into the principles of liberty, nonviolence, self-ownership, creativity, and entrepreneurship. The goal is joyfulness and creating the life you want without waiting on anything outside of yourself.

It was such a wonderful pleasure to meet Justin and Jessica; both intelligent, respectful thinkers with a passion for individual freedom and liberty.  I am happy to have made this connection and look forward to working with Parents for Liberty more in the future!

Listen in as we discuss liberty-minded parenting, family based education, the principles of personal freedom and more.
Enjoy an extraordinary rendition of Ave Maria by Jessica Arman as well :)

This episode is not sponsored.  We appreciate your contributions and support!

Special Thanks to Cesar Diaz for audio assistance
Music provided by:
Band: Single Bullet Theory (with drummr Justin Arman)
Record: The Arena (In Stores Summer 2013)

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