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What a pleasant and lovely conversation I recently enjoyed with Mona Lisa Harding, the wonderful Home Ed Mom of ten children.  You may know this family as the “Brainy Bunch” an affectionate reference by CNN and the Today Show wherein the family was featured due to a few of the Harding children having entered college at twelve years of age.  My interest was piqued when a friend forwarded the Harding Family’s clip from the Today Show.   It was so refreshing to see such a positive feature portrait of an independently educating family.  Mrs. Harding describes their learning experience as “flexible” and “Child-Lead” or “Self- initiated”.  They do not use curriculum and do not do school-at-home yet they do emphasize the value of education.   It is because of this, that several of the Harding children began furthering their education at local colleges pursuing their own interests.

Mrs. Harding and I talked about her views on college choice and expense, the importance of flexibility in learning, what drives and motivates them and their family dynamic.  Mona Lisa also offers some practical advice, encouragement and relief for other home ed parents looking for balance.  I am so pleased to have met and connected with Mrs. Harding and hope to reconnect again in the future!

Learn more and contact the Harding family by visiting their website: College By Twelve

Listen Up and enjoy!

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