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I am proud to present this exclusive UMRadio  interview with Sonya  from  Here at UM, we strive to encourage the world to ‘unplug’ from conventional and compulsory system of schooling in order to live and learn free from intervention.   We bring you information, research and interviews to help you discover why families would embrace learning and living without school; but it doesn’t stop there!  UMRadio continues to deliver valuable resources and information on the how of home education, including  interviews with advocates from a variety of methodologies on learning and living.

Today I am delighted to share with you my conversation with Sonya on the principles and concept of the Charlotte Mason method.  I have a feeling that some of what we discuss will resonate with many home educating families and serve as a really valuable resource for many who are newly living without school.   It was wonderful to get to know Sonya, and I cheerfully look forward to connecting with her sometime again!

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