Conversation with Susan Wise Bauer


Sure to be archived as another one of my favorite interviews, I am pleased to present to you the enclosed discussion between myself and Author, Historian and just really great lady, Susan Wise Bauer!   We discussed Susan’s work, her home ed experience and more.
I asked questions about The Well Trained Mind, The School System, and her thoughts on rampant intellectual atrophy.
You may be surprised by Susan’s reactions to those!

This is one of those smooth discussions that, albeit light and casual – provide the most stimulating food for thought and mental nutrition.

I know that you will enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed the conversation…

For more information about Susan you can read her bio here:

Learn more about Susan’s publications

Visit the Susan Wise Bauer Website

Get a copy of Well Trained Mind or look for any of Susan’s books by visiting the UM Amazon Store here


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  1. avatar Lisa Jonick says:

    Thank you so much for this interview! It was the best thing I have had with my morning tea in a long time. You did a great job Laurette and Susan Wise Bauer was informative, energetic, and really delightful to listen to. She is really inspiring. She also rid me of alot of hang ups I had towards The Well Trained Mind. I feel rejuvenated and inspired instead of overwhelmed. YAY!

  2. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  3. avatar marymakesmusic says:

    What a wonderful interview… I enjoyed listening and gaining more wisdom from Susan. We do use The Story of The World, First Language Lessons, and Writing With Ease and love them all!

  4. avatar Gina Basteri says:

    This is one of the best interviews I have heard in a very long time. Susan made some really interesting points that are making me think about my word choices a bit differently and have inspired me to take another look at her book and methods! I have always loved SOTW and am looking forward to her next installment in the History of series!