Ecological Intelligence: Freedom from “Kiddie Prison”


Rod Smith, creator of the Natural Philosopher and the Curriculum for Ecological Intelligence, joined me for this very unique, interesting and fun episode of UMRadio.   If you’ve heard any episodes from the Trivium series here on UMRadio, you know that I’ve talked with other guests about modernizing the Trivium philosophy and bringing it today’s family.  Rod has been able to do something very much like this!  Through his work, he marries the concepts in trivium thinking, with natures pulse and human development.  He shows how, by acknowledging our relationship with nature, we can use trivium thinking to improve our lives and protect ourselves from propaganda and manipulative information.

While discussing his work, Rod and I discussed a whole range of topics, all related to thinking and perception.  I am pleased to offer our discussion up now for you to hear, so listen up!


To learn more about Ron Smith and The Natural Philosopher, please visit his website here:

Find the page onFacebook here

Visit the YouTube page here

Or contact Rod via [email protected]

Here are some graphics that help illustrate Rod’s work:

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