Liberty and Learning on The Unschool Bus


kellyA delightful interview with Kelly Halldorson.

Best known for the Unschool Bus, Kelly is a school-free Mom living and learning in liberty!  While the Halldorson’s can only be loosely defined as “Unschool” it wouldn’t be accurate to use the term “home educators” either…. unless of course we redefine our perception of home… and that is precisely what is most delectably refreshing about Mama Halldorson! Kelly and family quintessentially exemplify the concept of embracing learning as a part of life.

The Halldorson’s are full-time roadsters, living in their unique RV and learning about life by living it, all over the nation!

What’s more, a girl after my own heart, Kelly is an authentic independent spirit, libertarian leaning activist with the fire of freedom burning liberty in her wake.  While there is plenty more that I’d love to talk about with Mrs. Halldorson, we scratch the surface on a variety of key points for any family curious about road-living and freedom learning family life.
Listen up for Kelly’s views on RV living, Parenting, Unschooling, Liberty and more.

To learn more about the Unschool Bus and the Halldorson Family visit them via:

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  1. avatar Tinas3muskateers says:

    Loving this interview. It really rings true! As a Liberty minded person I can totally related to both of you. I find you both fascinating! Keep up the good work ladies!