Unplugged Youth: On the Farm with Birke Baehr


Young,  home educated Birke Beahr is a speaker, writer and advocate with a passion for educating others, about the destructiveness of the industrialized food system and the enlightening alternatives of sustainable and organic farming, food and practices.

The youngest presenter at TEDx Next Generation Asheville 2010, Birke’s talk, “What’s wrong with our food” received the most views ever and wowed audiences world wide.

Birke has been featured in various media venues, sharing his knowledge and passion about food.  He enjoys getting his hands dirty on chemical free farms, growing his own vegetables, checking out local farmers markets and farms.  I am proud to have been joined by Birke here on Unplugged Mom Radio to discuss his work, his education and his ongoing endeavors to free the world from harmful farming and food practices.


Learn more about Birke and watch his passionate talks by visiting his website: BirkeOnTheFarm.com.


Bumper Music (recommended by Birke) The Monsanto Rag by: Synister Dane and the Kickapoo Disco Cosmonuts

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  1. avatar Alissa says:

    I was impressed by Birke’s depth of knowledge and public speaking abilities. Kids like Birke are inspiring, because they are proof that home education not only works, but it produces kids who are extraordinary and have the tools to make a positive impact on society. Unfortunately, public school doesn’t give kids a chance to study anything in depth. It’s kind of like intellectual grazing, you learn a little here and a little there, and as a result, you don’t really learn anything.