Evolution of Bingo: What Happened to Grandma’s Old School Bingo?

The Evolution of Bingo

What happened to grandma’s old school bingo?

We often associate bingo with the elderly – being the favorite pastime of the senior citizens because it is easy to play and can help improve their memory. But do you know that this game has been around since 1929? It was originally called “beano”, but Edwin S. Lowe changed the name to bingo when he heard someone mistakenly yell “bingo!”. For those who don’t know who Edwin S. Lowe is, he is the person who invented bingo cards with the help of Carl Leffler, who is a professor at Columbia University.
Bingo was used by Catholic churches to raise funds before it became more commercialized. Today, there are many bingo halls located across the globe where people can socialize and get a chance to win some cash. Many halls are still dominated by the elderly especially when its online counterparts were launched in the late 1990s. Online bingo is fast becoming the choice of the younger generation because it is more accessible and there are many choices as well.

In an article published by BBC News, it says there that there’s been a rapid growth of bingo websites. As recently as 2004 fewer than 20 such sites operated in the UK, now there are thought to be around 350. Bingo has evolved into a trendy online game when bingo portals started using different marketing schemes to attract the hipper crowd – from CheekyBingo’s adorable pink-haired hostess to Zynga Bingo’s free social bingo games. The chatroom element and the other perks offered by online bingo companies appeal to many bingo players.

From the virtual world to the real world, bingo venues have found other ways to win back their customers. Now, you can find wilder and crazier bingo games such as the Burlesque Bingo at Hamburger Mary’s and Bitchy Bingo at Lips. Music lovers can party all night by attending Rebel Bingo’s underground events.

With all the changes that’s been happening to bingo, different types of people have grown to love this game. What kind of bingo appeals to you the most?



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