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Unplugged Mom always advocates and supports At-Home Mothering.  We do realize that this is not always plausible for every family, and that’s okay because there are many working Moms or double working parent households that still make home ed possible.   The below guest post, shared by one of our readers offers some suggestions for Moms who want to make the best of their situation while providing the healthiest opportunity for their free-living family.


Career Building Courses Mothers Can Pursue in 2013

Even if you’re not a mother yet, but plan to be or are on your way to becoming one, it’s good to know how to keep your career on track once the little tyke arrives. There are some career building courses you can pursue this year, which would help you career wise while keeping you on track of being a great mother.

Here are some courses you can consider in 2013:

1.  Foreign Language Courses

A number of universities are offering variety of foreign language courses. Pursuing them opens a lot of opportunities for you. You can get hired as a translator at number of places after being fluent in a particular language.

You can also find opportunities as a language teacher in schools and universities. If you wish to work at home, you can also pursue writing online that involves translating texts.

2.  Nursing and Medical Courses

A full time doctor’s career is quite demanding and may be a little tough for you if you already have children. However, there are some next best alternative professions such as medical assistants and nurses that get paid quite well.

There are plenty of courses such as medical assistant programs at Sanford Brown and other similar institutions at your disposal to get into the profession. Taking these courses offers you an opportunity to work at private clinics which have flexible working hours and the options of teaching or being a school nurse are also available.

3.  Psychology Courses

Psychology courses may have multiple benefits for you both career wise as well as for your family. The subject has gained popularity in recent times with the increasing number of females delving into the psychology profession.

Following this career path may allow you to set up your own private clinic and work flexible hours. Studying psychology may also help you to understand your children better and to raise them accordingly.

4.  Computing Courses

Any kind of computing course is a good thing to have under your belt and has as many windows of opportunities for you as you wish to open up. A few options include information systems management, app development and video game graphic designing.

These options may seem technical and complicated, but with a little application and focus, you can work these concepts out and have a very bright career ahead of you as technology is not likely to diminish anytime soon. Tech-savvy mothers are high in demand.

5.  Writing Courses

Writing courses are a great way for mothers to pursue careers right at home. There’s an array of writing courses such as playwriting and poetry for you to explore your personal medium of expression.

It’s amazing how far just learning a few basics on grammar can take you. You can also become a copywriter, mastering your writing skills for a particular niche. Copywriting is one of the fastest growing professions for mothers and it’s quite convenient as most of the work is done from home.

Being a mother is a tough job, but it’s not the only job you must restrict yourself to. If you’re organized enough and have the determination for it, it’s possible for you to pursue a career by carefully choosing courses that would help you build a career that is respectable and well paying.


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